Fast Materials: Web Design and Interior Projects

Like most of the terms I use, fast is a relative attribute – in the range of fast and slow materials there is no solid dividing line. Some fast materials take place in real space and some are virtual. In all cases though fast is a material effect, and being trained first as an architect, I conceive of fast materials as having effect in the material world. For example, even my recent work as design director at NowPublic is a matter of moving a discussion about new events on-line… but I still think about the events, and the sharing of the events,  as as taking place in a physical world.

In this section I’ve picked a couple of projects that I think show a transfer of a physical artefact, a product or service, into a fast material – always starting with what the client wants to achieve, whether it starts from a brand or body of work, the main emphasis is on creating an experience for the end user that adds to a consistent expression of the client’s identity.

Recent Projects:



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