Slow Materials: Architecture and Interior Design

The original tenets of architecture, as set out by Vitruvius were: firmness, commodity and delight*. Recently firmness has taken a bit of a hit in theoretical circles but it seems to me we can still delight in things that last… slow materials, I like to call them.  Besides, if everything looks like it’s in motion how can you tell what’s really moving? People, light, and fast materials like digital displays all work together, and used properly slow materials can be the canvas for those dynamic qualities and generate a variety of material and experiential effects.

Some of these projects are typical architectural projects some are purely interior projects, all of them are collaborative (if it takes a village to raise a child, it takes more than a few people around the table to make a design project a success). The ones I have chosen to show all use slow materials to create a relationship between people, activity, space, and natural elements to enhance the experience of the functions they stage.

Recent Projects:

* actually it was firmitas, utilitas, venustas but for our purposes we can just think of main qualities of architecture being lasting, useful and beautiful.



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